Launched in 2011, EuroNPUD stands alongside many other regional networks of people who use drugs across the world. Our future is in our solidarity and advocating our interests.



The work we do today provides an opportunity for drug user activists and groups in the European Union to work together more strategically.  By mobilising our communities we work to develop more coordinated advocacy strategies with the European Union and its Neighbourhood around drugs, drug treatment, blood borne viruses and sexual health. Through sharing best practice and offering peer-to-peer technical support with members, EuroNPUD aims to foster the collective action and network development that's needed to ensure the changes we seek, are realised..



The Work We Do

Peers:  If you are an emerging drug user network that would like to become a member of EuroNPUD or seek technical support to help your network to grow, contact us. 

Interested Bodies: If you are a Charity, NGO or private organisation,  and would like to engage EuroNPUD members in events, campaigns, research, focus groups, for speaking events and conferences etc, contact us here

Today, EuroNPUD is working hard to establish itself as a presence, a force and a partner in the European political and lobbying arenas, as well as finding friends, mentors and allies within peer networks and European civil society. As a young and growing network, our work currently falls under 4 main areas, as listed below: High Level Advocacy, Campaigns and Events; Projects and Programming, Communications

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High Level Advocacy and Partnerships

Stigma, criminalisation and discrimination are major concerns for the drug using community, and we regularly see our criminalised status affecting everything about our lives, especially in relation to our health and blood borne viruses.  It remains vital work for the EuroNPUD membership to keep identifying and defining priorities as they affect our community as well as how to get those priorities heard. In addition, a voice is not a voice without the mechanisms to promote change and a critical part in this process is partnership work with our allies. Not only must EuroNPUD work at closening ties with our sister networks like INPUD, ENPUD etc, but also partnerships with Civil Society / NGOs such as the European Harm Reduction Network. By working closer with our friends and allies, EuroNPUD’s voice can become more influential in the more formal arenas of the EU such as the European Civil Society Forum on HIV/AIDS and the Civil Society Forum on Drugs


Campaigning & Events

There are many areas where EuroNPUD can focus its abilities in order to raise awareness about the issues affecting people who use drugs. As a European network, we  can work across a connected up European Union -or focus on smaller, specific areas within Europe (such as Southern or Eastern Europe). By coordinating information and education campaigns and thoughtfully promoting global events (such as World AIDS Day), EuroNPUD is able to raise awareness and promote understanding of some of societies more complex issues regarding drug use.

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Network Strengthening and Projects

People Who Use Drugs (PWUD) have insights and expertise that can help positively inform the planning, delivery, monitoring and review of a whole range of drug related services, research projects and peer led initiatives. 

Involving people who use drugs as an equal partner when seeking solutions, answers and approaches to  drug related concerns, helps to ensure the work becomes more relevant and targeted. Each year, EuroNPUD will undertake projects  such as seeding the development of new national networks, skills sharing, and provision of technical support.

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The community of people who use drugs have a long tradition of writing and reporting about their communities issues and EuroNPUD aims to continue this tradition as we develop as a network.

We will be promoting our work through our website and blog and of course, social media. Be sure to follow us on facebook where we have a lively open page where people and members from across the world, contribute (see links below)            

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