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You can get in touch with us at EuroNPUD if you would like to find out more about our work, or any upcoming campaigns and events, or if you wish to seek EuroNPUD's involvement in a project or initiative. 

Don'f forget -you can find out a great deal of information from contacting your country's EuroNPUD representative -look for your representative on the 'Who are we?' page -or locate your country's representative drug user group/network, by clicking Networks & Groups.

If your EU country has little or no representation from drug user groups, networks or unions, and you are interested in finding out how EuroNPUD could help, fill in the form stating your town and country and what, if any, sort of drug user organising exists near you.

If your group is just starting out, or if it is aiming to be a national network for people who use drugs in your country, there are still many ways in which EuroNPUD's peer network would like to connect with you. 

Although EuroNPUD is in its early stages, with the involvement of our peers,and through European-wide events and campaigns, capacity building initiatives, and targeted high level advocacy initiatives, we aim to become a network that is meaningful, proactive, and influential, and is an effective important platform for our community's activists to campaign and advocate.

NOTE: EuroNPUD does not have a central head of our organisation, but it does have an executive committee of 5 people where this form will be forwarded. To ensure your message gets to the right person, please allow up to 14 days for a reply.



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All your information is treated in the strictest confidence and will never be shared or divulged to any person or agency..

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