Each one of these Logos represents a drug user group or network in the European Union and its Neighbourhood that is a member and contact point for EuroNPUD. Contact your country's representing network if you would like to find out more about the work of drug user activism, EuroNPUD or how you could get involved. 

Below this, are some of the other sister regional networks around the globe, organisations run by and for people who use drugs,  all representing the interests of our community in their respective regions of the world.

Friends and/or organisations who would like to become partners with EuroNPUD, join us to collaborate on a new and interesting ventures, or offer financial support to help us continue our work, can contact us directly, here. Or, you can reach out to your country's representative body by clicking on your EuroNPUD representative organisation, as seen below.


Regional / Global Organisations by and for -

People who Use Drugs