partnerships at work


All over the world people who use drugs are coming together to form groups, which spread to form networks that span countries, regions and the globe. Below are networks whom we consider 'sister' organisations, and share a special relationship with. They are regional, in that they link a group of countries together, and are sister networks, as they are also made up of people who use drugs. Below our partners are our funders.


Our Friendly Funders

Robert Carr Foundation

Robert Carr Foundation has been an important funder for EuroNPUD, as it is the first international fund that specifically aims to strengthen international networks across the world. RCF is a cooperation of donors and civil society networks that are active in the area of HIV/AIDS and funds from them over 2016 enabled EuroNPUD to perform crucial development work getting off the ground as a European network of people who use drugs.


ViiV Healthcare

ViiV has been an important funder for EuroNPUD over 2016/17. Funds from ViiV have allowed EuroNPUD to seed the development of drug user networks in Southern Europe (during 2016) and Eastern Europe (for 2017).