July 21st every year is one of the biggest campaigning days for the drug using community - because it is about more than remembrance - it is about highlighting the fact that thousands of deaths are linked directly to the war on drugs - those misguidednon-nonsensical policies and practices that stem from prohibition to criminalise, isolate and brutalise people who use drugs - sometimes resulting in ending their lives as well.  

There are many, many ways one can campaign on this issue, from lighting a candle in the window of your house or drug treatment clinic, to leaving out a remembrance book for signing, to a community march, rally, or political event with speakers or a fundraiser. This is a reminder to start preparing -there is still time left to arrange even the smallest event.

The drug using community are united across the globe on this day and social media networks will prove very useful. .

What will your organisation be doing to remember those who have died as a result of the war on drugs - and drug users? Contact your local drug user network and/or EuroNPUD and join forces!

If you have an IRD event on this day in Europe - let EuroNPUD know and send us a photo or an article for the blog!