HR19 will be 2019’s largest international harm reduction event, bringing together over 1,000 people from around the world working at the heart of harm reduction and drug policy. With the first woman in charge of the helm of Harm Reduction International, Naomi Burke Shyne has worked hard with conference organisers to ensure HR19, Porto, has a more dedicated nod towards attracting presentations from women, and proting womens issues for discussion, than ever before. Women from EuroNPUD and drug user networks from around the world will be waiting and watching -ready to support Naomi warmly, yet sincerely hoping a gendered perspective for womxn, is delivered as promised. Send us your tweets, messages and shares on this and other subjects, we want to hear it all! #narcofeminism #femdrug .

Womxn (the X in WOMXN is now a rapidly used symbol to represent gender inclusivity - people who don’t necessarily conform to typcal gender norms etc) . Stay tuned on our euronpud Facebook page for all the lastest of what events are showing for women and what women can take part in too. Perhaps one of the most important things is the development of a Womxn’s Safer Space - something to offer women who are fighting back against the gender restraints emerging from rampant prohibtion, violence and the war on drugs and drug users.

#Narcofeminism is a move to incorperate feminism and intersectionality into the discussion on women and drug policy and it is a very new and important emerging field. Watch this space and others like it for more energised and progressive activities by the community of womxn who use drugs and our friends/allies. See our united Barcelona Declaration (recently read to governments at the CND Vienna -see below!) .

A large activity for EuroNPUD members this conference however, is doing On the Spot Naloxone training for everyone and anyone at the conference. We have launched 2 new reports - formally launching at the conference on Monday 28th (although you can see if first here on our website page). Two very exciting reports based on EuroNPUD’s recent Naloxone Access and Advocacy Project that was created, implemented and follwed up with findings, recommendations and reports y EuroNPUD. Not only are they a detailed examination of a slick, grassroots, informative and effective project that looked at the current barriers in areas where overdose rates are high, despite naloxone provision being available (3 areas with high overdose rates in the UK) . The project found a process that enabled our community to discover and report just where the barriers to access and provision of naloxone really lay, how to solve the issue with secondary naloxone -or Peer 2 Peer delivery and disribution of naloxone and identified ways to work woith partners in future to stem these gaps in service provision and utilise the incredible asset to prevent overdose and death, that is the community of people who inject drugs -both current and former. This conference we will be launching 2 special reports - one on the UK project and how it was delivered (with findings, recommendations and next steps) and the 2nd on a detailed look at 4-5 Peer 2 Peer Naloxone methods/projects; from around the world, as far as Scotland and UK, to Myanmar, Australia and the USA. Don’t miss these reports and if you are at the conference - make sure to stop in and get yourself trained up On th Spot - 10minutes to save a life? Who could say no to that?

Click the image to check out 2 new EuroNPUD reports on Peer2Peer Naloxone to be launched at the conference, while EuroNPUD delivers On the Spot naloxone training for all conference delegates.

Click the image to check out 2 new EuroNPUD reports on Peer2Peer Naloxone to be launched at the conference, while EuroNPUD delivers On the Spot naloxone training for all conference delegates.

Over four days of presentations, workshops, films, networking events and more, the conference will continue its history of providing a dynamic forum to share the latest research and discussions on best practice in drug use, harm reduction and human rights.

Twenty-nine years after the first Harm Reduction International conference, HR19’s timing and location takes on a special importance. The global debate on drugs and harm reduction has drastically changed since 1990. Many governments now openly acknowledge the shortcomings of punitive drug laws and some are moving toward reform, including the implementation of cost-effective, lifesaving harm reduction measures. Portugal stands at the forefront of this - the country’s decriminalisation mode, implemented in 2001, is often celebrated as an example of how to protect the health and human rights of people who use drugs. CASO, is our Portuguese organisation representing the interests of people who use drugs in Portugal and they have been doing an exceptional job at raising the issues and concerns of our peers. With decriminalisation, as in Portugal, the work is only just beginning….Our peers in Norway are always taking note as are the Norweigen government.

Despite progress in the global debate, reform in many places remains far off. HR19 will be a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the public health and rights advances made under Portugal’s model. The conference theme, ‘People before Politics,’ will underpin all HR19 activities and highlight the importance of putting public health and people’s lives before political ideology. This is ideal for EuroNPUD and our global community of people who use drugs -as always, we have a great deal to say to governments -especcially coming off the recent CND (Commission for Narcotic Drugs) in March, in Vienna. (see upcoming blog. The PWUD community were there in force, something not represented by our blog at this stage, we hope this year we will develop our communications team more fully and find ways to bring the information you want and need to hear, to your door, quickly and simply

For the conference however, stay tuned to our facebook page for live streaming -people, interviews, thoughts, news and views - it is going to be a really interesting way to record an event such as this, so wish us luck and stay tuned!

Keep tuned to our Facebook page for all the news about who is doing what, where!