• EuroNPUD has a steering committee made up of elected representatives - each one being from a country within the European Union (though not solely)

  • Many representatives are supported by several 'Alternates' who bring additional knowledge of a country's regions, (such as including a rep from Catalonia in Spain, or from Scotland in the UK). 

  • In 2017, EuroNPUD adapted its structure to contain 4 'working groups' which consist of a small number of people from the steering committee, (approx 2-5 in each group). Groups are 'Communications', 'High Level Advocacy, Campaigns, and Projects & Programming..

  • Each working group has a lead / coordinating member, and all are overseen by a supporting Project Manager.

  • EuroNPUD has an 'Executive Committee', made up of 4 steering committee members and two others. The roles are Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and the additional 2 places are Project Manager and the European Representative for INPUD (the International Network of People who Use Drugs)

  • .EuroNPUD also has peers who head up for 4 working groups (see below).

Your Country's EuroNPUD Representative


 The Steering Committee is made up of individuals from many countries in the EU and several other neighbouring ones. In addition, each country's rep will be backed by several 'alternates' from different regions within the country itself. EuroNPUD aims to support the development of emerging national networks or groups in country's where there are none and some of our funding is specifically targeted towards this work.  If you don't see your country represented here and would like to see that change, either as a peer or partner, please do get in touch with us; 

NOTE: We hope to turn these images into mini videos so your country rep will come alive to talk about who they are!