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The European Network of People who Use Drugs supports the growth and development of drug user networking and advocacy across the EU and its Neighbourhood, and represents the interests of people who use drugs to European institutions.

By strengthening and supporting the development of organisations and networks of people who use drugs across Europe, EuroNPUD provides a vehicle for drug user activists in the European Union to work together on the issues and concerns that directly affect our communities.  

EuroNPUD and its membership seek collaboration, engagement and partnership working with government and civil society, across the EU;  Get in touch with us to find out more or check out our website.



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About Us

We believe it is only through the inclusion and participation of people who use drugs in the issues that affect our lives, we will discover the language, ideas and solutions to the kind of concerns that confront us in the drugs discourse today.

We are proud to be part of a long history of drug user activism in Europe and despite seemingly overwhelming obstacles such as the continual criminalization and marginalization of our community, we are making great strides forward. It is a very interesting and positive time to be a part of this progressive movement. 

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What We Do

EuroNPUD works with all drug user groups in Europe and places a particular emphasis on the needs of those who face the most severe human rights and health consequences associated with drug use and prohibition.

The work we do involves building up EuroNPUD into a light-weight central network with the capacity to coordinate advocacy at the EU level and also to work with drug user groups in country to foster collective action such as cross country campaigning, and to initiate, research or develop specific advocacy initiatives. 

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