Frequently Asked Questions - Information for Drug User Networks and Groups


  • What does EuroNPUD do?
  • How does my group / network become a member?
  • How can I get involved in drug user activism?
  • Does EuroNPUD represent the interests of legal (prescribed drug users) or only illegal drug users?
  • I want to tell the public about the issues affecting drug users in my country - can EuroNPUD help me?
  • Does it cost anything to become a member of EuroNPUD?
  • What benefits do I get if I become a member?
  • Are all personal details kept confidential if a drug user group becomes a member of EuroNPUD?


Frequently Asked Questions - Information for Partners and Organisations


  • How is EuroNPUD funded?
  • Does EuroNPUD have any paid staff?
  • Is it part of a larger network?
  • How does EuroNPUD work with partner organisations?
  • What does 'meaningful engagement of people who use drugs' really mean for a partner organisation?