Sign On to the Barcelona Declaration!! Available in 7 languages and counting, withover 100 organisations having signed up in support within the first 24 hours! Send out the declaration to every feminist led organisations, especially those involving or being led by women who use drugs, in other women’s, sex worker and harm reduction organisations! Sign On and join as Women Fight Bank Against Prohibition!

The Barcelona Declaration has been launched by the international community of Women who Use Drugs and women from Feminist and Harm Reduction organisations around the world, with special thanks to AWID, EuroNPUD and CASO, the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network, INWUD and WHRIN, and Metzineres -the womens harm reduction organisation for women surviving violence in Barcelona, which hosted together women from the above organisations - a 10 day meeting of grassroots women’s organising, another piece in a powerful new movement of women who use drugs, uniting with their sisters around the world, to Fight Back Against Prohibition!! #narcofeminism #femdrug

For the Declaration and the link to the translations and images to use on your website or blog, click here