Every year World AIDS Day events take place across the country to raise awareness and show support for people living with HIV.

World AIDS Day is a powerful day to demand action on issues around HIV/AIDS and injecting drug use, and many cities and towns around the globe network together to create a massive impact.

For example, on World Aids Day, 2011,  harm reduction organisations led by people who use drugs and supported by the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) in their first global campaign, gathered outside Russian embassies in cities across the world in a massive global show of solidarity by and for people who use drugs.

The protests, entitled ‘Shame Russia Shame’, were directed at Russia’s highly controversial drug policies which are believed to be driving the EEC regions HIV and TB epidemics. groups in 11 cities across the world took part and protested outside Russian embassies.

World AIDS Day is a huge universal event and there are many ways you can create a theme around World AIDS Day for people who use/inject drugs. Focusing on harm reduction and prevention by highlighting needle and syringe distribution (innovative ways to target certain groups), challenging the drug laws that create conditions where HIV/AIDS spreads, peer education, and support, promoting drug consumption rooms etc. 

EURONPUD will add to this events and activism section with information on creating community, city wide and global protests, creating press reports, letters to editors and more tools to help you get your message -our message - out into your community and the world.