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Network Name

European Network of People who Use Drugs (EuroNPUD)

Network Description

  • EuroNPUD is the regional drug user rights network in the European Union and its neighbouring countries. 
  • EuroNPUD is one of the regional members of the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD).

Vision Statement

“Promoting the health and defending the rights of people who use drugs in Europe.”

Network Principles

  • Pro drug user rights 
  • Pro self-determination 
  • Pro harm reduction and safer drug use 
  • Respecting the right of individuals to take drugs 
  • Anti-prohibitionist 
  • Pro equality

EuroNPUD operates to the same principles as the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) reflecting our shared vision and aligned strategic approach.

The members of EuroNPUD agreed our principles as the first step when negotiating our first strategy.  EuroNPUD’s principles provide an ethical foundation for EuroNPUD’s network strategy, fundraising approach, governance standards, and project work. 

EuroNPUD decided to adopt the same principles as our global network INPUD ensuring that we work to common principles at the European and global levels.